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Bringing Ideas To Life
Through UX/UI Design


To make a website or app more smoother and efficient, many design-based features are added to them. UI designing is a short form for user interface design and UX means user experience development. These terms are realized into a product to make them more user-friendly and utilizable. The design of an app, website or software product is a very important aspect as this is how the end-user will interact with the product to get their work done. So it is necessary to have a great product design, because even if a program has inculcated the latest functionality, it may be less useful if customers cannot navigate through it smoothly. Therefore companies need to have a good UI UX designing team for their product.
UX Design is how a user feels when interacting with a system. The system can be a website, a web application, or usually some form of human-computer interaction (HCI). 


Wireframes are an important element in graphic design for mobile apps. They not only help create a basic structure for the mobile app but also allow us to fix any flaws or make changes at the initial stages itself. It basically creates a roadmap of the entire application with its essential functioning. Being a leading UI/UX design company, our business analysts will understand and analyze your requirements and then create the wireframe screens using wireframe design tools like Balsamiq and AdobeXD. The implementation of the app design screens is done after several QA tests followed by layout improvements. Hire wireframing experts to bring your idea to life.
Wireframes form part of the design process. They can simulate a space where the user can interact with a client’s service or product. With these design ideas we craft low-cost experiments to test on end users to make sure we have met their needs.

Clickable Prototyping Designs

The clickable prototypes carried by Eternal enable users to quickly test simple elements or complex behaviours, networking with the prototypes as they would with the end product. Necessitating little time and effort, these prototypes permit for identifying opportunities for improvement, driving implementation, productivity, user satisfaction and profitability of the final solution.
Create from clickable prototypes to fully-functional simulations, without typing a single line of code. We provide a full range of tools, so that you can focus on creating delightful user experiences. Testing through simulations will reduce rework and boost user adoption.

Website Theme Design

Websys is an 10 year old web development and web design company in India, with a large team of professional web template designers, programmers and flash template designers. We also work closely with other web designers and developers internationally, who outsource their designing and coding to us. Having a large and dedicated pool of web designers, we are able to take orders for large quantities and deliver within a fixed time frame. / Our constant efforts in bringing up better works and services for our clients have always made us research more on the contemporary web design templates and the textures of latest tastes. Our highly skilled web designers put continuous effort to create exceptional PSD designs and premium web templates that can stand out of the mob. 

Mobile App UX Design

We design responsive, elegant, and user-friendly mobile applications that make your users impulsively open the apps and engage with your brand
Designing pleasurable Mobile UX experiences for people A great mobile UX is the key to your customer’s heart. We define and design mobile UX strategies that create excellent B2B and B2C functional enterprise mobile apps, which fall in the category of generation next app experiences.
With extensive number of mobile apps emerging in the marketplace, alluring designs and prominent user-interfaces are crucial to entice users towards your mobile apps. Mobile UI plays a crucial role and is believed as one of the most important parts for mobile apps as various devices are available in the market. User interface for mobile apps is one of the gruelling tasks to design because it requires complete compatibility among devices depending on their screen sizes, graphics, resolutions and other views. 

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